Our Services

DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems)

A distributed antenna system or DAS consists of a network of separated antenna nodes connected using fiber-optic or coax cable to provide wireless service within an area, building or structure in order to provide a consistent and steady internet experience for customers. DAS can be installed indoor (iDAS) or outdoors/exterior to a structure (oDAS).

Wi-Fi Installation

Division 27 Telecommunications, Inc. provides Wi-Fi support including designing a custom implementation plan, a custom network design, IP addressing, Wi-Fi channeling and hardware installation.

Air Blown Fiber

Division 27 Telecommunications, Inc. installs air-blown fiber where micro-fiber cables are placed using compressed air.

Structured Cabling

Division 27 Telecommunications, Inc. provides fast and reliable structured coax and fiber cabling for various purposes.

Conventional Fiber Optics