Our Approach

Division 27 Telecommunications, Inc. is a cutting edge communications company that specializes in offering a coordinated approach to each project. We focus on the installation of network equipment including Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Wi-Fi, 5G of fifth generation installations (the next generation of data networks), air blown and conventional fiber optics backbones and infrastructures. We are passionate about providing the most up to date technology for wireless connectivity and local exchange carriers to ensure dependable wireless connectivity anytime/anywhere. Our team’s highly specialized technical skill set supports the network infrastructure DC Power and installation work for major carriers, major tower owners, back haul, fiber optic infrastructure and equipment providers. We provide skilled manpower and equipment to complete these network installations.

Our team provides detailed and timely guidance from day one to the final completion of each project. We offer an infrastructure technology solution that will provide a medium to carry mission critical data for high-performance communication businesses around the world.  It is our top priority to provide our technology services on time and on budget with the highest possible quality installations.

Telecommunications is a very specialized skill set. Few in the field are proficient in understanding the intricacies of this technology and proper installation techniques in order to provide seamless service that is lasting and allows for technological growth and change. Our team’s diverse work experience, which includes experience in the low voltage cabling field and skills in Air Blown Fiber and data networking , provides an advantage that our competitors cannot match. The Division 27 Telecommunications, Inc. team includes a highly experienced team of technicians and engineers that are skilled in these specialized fields and are proficient at this type of work.  Division 27 Telecommunications, Inc. prides itself in keeping up with the growth and changes in technology as well as offering a solution to the problem by providing the customer with everything from the design that allows for future expansion and growth, to installation and post-installation support.

Our Story

Division 27 Telecommunications, Inc. is a veteran owned small business accredited by the US Department of Veterans Affairs and is is a corporate member and authorized training center for The Fiber Optic Association, Inc. Division 27 Telecommunications, Inc. was founded in 2013 by Rick Christopher, who has over 25 years of experience in the low voltage cabling field. Rick has a broad and detailed knowledge of the technology pertaining to the DAS service industry and has built solid and lasting relationships with key players in the industry. He has vast experience in managing projects and leading his team in executing all acquired assignments with skill and efficiency.  This ensures that Division 27 Telecommunications, Inc. presents our customers with designs and applications that are custom fit to the needs of their facilities, as well as providing continued support to our customers for optimal utilization. In 2016, Division 27 Telecommunications, Inc. was recognized by the Arizona Small Business Development Center as a Success Award Winner. 

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